Why Hardwood Is Better Than Carpetting

11 December 2020
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Hardwood flooring is commonly used in many types of businesses and homes because of some of the features it offers. If you want to know if a hardwood floor would be the right choice for you to go with, then consider how they are better than carpeted floors for the following types of households where health concerns are present:  A household with pets In a household with pets, certain types of flooring can be problematic in a number of ways. Read More 

How To Tell If Your Dairy Brick Is In Need Of Repair

16 October 2020
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Dairy brick is a common feature in many warehouses, industrial plants, and manufacturing businesses across America. Known for being a very durable surface, it will eventually show signs of aging that indicate it needs to be repaired. However, because most people aren't familiar with the signs of dairy brick repair, they can leave it for far longer than they should. This can cause a lot more damage than the initial area, so it is important to be proactive when it comes to dairy brick repair. Read More 

What Type Of Tile Adhesive Should You Use For A Bathroom Floor?

26 August 2020
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Tile is an excellent choice for bathroom floors since it's water-resistant and very easy to keep clean. One downside, however, is that water on the bathroom floor can leak through cracks between the tiles, and this becomes more common if the grout begins to fail. In order to prevent the adhesive from being damaged by water, you'll need to use a waterproof tile flooring adhesive to attach the tiles to the substrate. Read More 

3 Reasons Why Carpet May Work For Your Home

18 June 2020
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When it comes to flooring for your home, there are various materials to choose from. Wood, tile, vinyl, and carpet are popular in many homes. It's also common to have more than one type of flooring in your home. Rooms with a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens, typically have tile flooring. Living spaces and bedrooms often make use of carpet or wood flooring. Carpet flooring is one option that may not be on the top of your list, but it could be just what you need. Read More 

Three Reasons You Should Not Attempt To Complete Hardwood Floor Refinishing Yourself

25 March 2020
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If your hardwood floor has seen better days, hardwood floor refinishing may help to bring it back to life. Hardwood floor refinishing involves using a drum sander, which ultimately sands away the outermost layer of your hardwood floor, revealing a fresh, untouched layer of wood. This can be a great way to get rid of surface-level scratches, minor stains, or wear marks on your wood. While you can rent a drum sander yourself, there are many reasons why you should think twice before refinishing your hardwood floor yourself. Read More