Why Ceramic Tiles Make Excellent Kitchen Flooring

24 November 2019
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If you're looking for an affordable, attractive, and waterproof flooring for your kitchen, then ceramic tile could be the solution. Ceramic tile is a common choice for kitchen flooring because it's ideal in wet areas of your home yet it's attractive enough to be used in all rooms. Here are some of the pros of installing ceramic tile in your kitchen.

You'll Find A Design You Like

Ceramic tile comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The flooring also comes in different prices. If you have a tight budget, you can opt for basic ceramic tiles, but if you want to spend more, you can buy upscale tiles that look like wood planks. Tiles that mimic wood planks give you the ability to have the classic charm of hardwood flooring in the kitchen without worry over water damage.

Ceramic Tiles Are More Suitable For DIY Installation

Ceramic tiles are hard and durable, yet they are soft enough that you can probably cut them yourself if you want to attempt DIY installation. However, you might feel more comfortable having your kitchen flooring installed by professionals. Porcelain tiles, on the other hand, look similar to ceramic tiles, but they are harder. You need special equipment to cut them, and installation is usually best left to professionals unless you have experience installing flooring.

Glazed Ceramic Tiles Are Waterproof

Glazing is a method of finishing the tiles that adds color or a pattern to the surface and adds a layer of protection to the clay tiles underneath. Glazing makes the tiles waterproof and resistant to high humidity. The glaze also makes the tiles shiny so your kitchen always looks clean. You don't have to seal glazed ceramic tile, which cuts down on the amount of maintenance you need to do. Glazing also protects the floor from stains. You can wet mop and clean a ceramic floor using a wide variety of household cleaning products to remove dirt and stains without worry of damage.

Ceramic Tile Flooring Is A Match For Radiant Heating

One complaint people sometimes have about tile floors is that they are cold on bare feet. A way around this problem is to install radiant floor heating under the tiles. Ceramic transfers heat well, so your kitchen floor will be warm and cozy while heat rises up and helps heat your home. Ceramic tile tolerates the heat and can even withstand a leaky floor heating system without being damaged, so this kitchen tile flooring is the perfect choice if you're also considering radiant floor heating when you update your kitchen.

For more information, contact a kitchen tile flooring company in your area.