Renovating Your Bathroom? Here Are 4 Reasons Why Concrete Tile Is Often The Best Choice For Bathoom Flooring

14 October 2018
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Although laminate flooring and ceramic tile are commonly used for bathroom flooring, many homeowners are switching to concrete tile. Why? It's more durable and likely to hold up to the humid conditions and puddling water that are common in bathrooms. Concrete tile isn't damaged by water and resists stains, which keeps it looking great for years. Some concrete tile can even be periodically refinished in order to renew its surface, brightening the colors and making it look like it was freshly installed. Whether you're just replacing an old ceramic tile floor or doing a complete remodel, here are four reasons why concrete tile is often the best choice for bathrooms.

1. Incredible Durability

The number one reason to choose concrete tile flooring for your bathroom is its durability. Concrete tile is thick, isn't damaged by the usual moisture and humidity of a bathroom and resists scuffing from people walking on it. Even though concrete tile may be more expensive than ceramic tile or laminate flooring, you'll get more use out of it. It's also much less prone to buckling or tenting than ceramic tile. Concrete tile is significantly heavier than ceramic, so gravity helps the tile keep flush with the floor instead of popping up.

2. Works Well With Radiant Floor Heating

If you have radiant floor heating in your bathroom or are installing it as part of a remodel, concrete tile flooring is the perfect choice. The thickness and density of concrete helps it retain heat very well compared to laminate flooring or ceramic tile, so your radiant floor heating system will function more effectively. Not only will your floor remain comfortably warm, but the heat from the concrete tile will radiate upwards and warm the whole bathroom.

3. Available in a Wide Variety of Colors and Patterns

Some people have the misconception that concrete tile is limited to a flat, industrial appearance that only suits modern bathrooms. However, concrete tile is available in the same styles and colors as ceramic tile. Some concrete tile is even painted by hand after it is formed, allowing you to specify the exact colors and shapes used in the tile in a custom design. The wide variety of patterns and colors allows concrete tile to find a fit in any style of bathroom.

4. Doesn't Become Dangerously Slippery When Wet

Slip resistance is an important safety consideration in any flooring that you use in the bathroom. Small amounts of water sometimes puddle on the floor after you shower or take a bath, which can make some laminate or ceramic floors very slippery. Concrete tile can be made slip resistant in two ways. One way is to finish the concrete tile with a very coarse grain, which adds traction to the floor and stops you from slipping on it. The other way is to use special slip-resistant concrete sealer whenever you reseal your concrete tile. Slip-resistant sealer adds a very subtle stickiness to the floor, preventing you from slipping on it when it becomes wet.

Overall, concrete tile is an excellent choice for your new bathroom flooring. If you'd like to upgrade your bathroom with this beautiful and durable flooring, it's best to browse offerings from several concrete tile flooring manufacturers until you find one that matches the style of your current bathroom or your planned remodel. It's best to have concrete tile professionally installed, as it can be difficult to work with heavy concrete while ensuring that the seal between tiles is perfectly water-tight.

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