Want To Install An Easy-To-Maintain Carpet? Make Sure To Prioritize A Few Features

30 August 2017
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Installing a new floor is one way to change your home in a substantial way. For instance, you may have bought a property with old carpeting that you knew would have to be replaced soon. If you are ready to replace the carpet, you may be interested in swapping it with carpeting that is easy to maintain. This will help you to not have to worry about much maintenance throughout the next decade or two. But to make sure this happens, you need to prioritize certain qualities over others with your carpet choice.

Dark Colors

Light-colored carpet may be a popular choice, but this does not mean that it is easy to keep clean. Dark colors excel in this category because they are less susceptible to visible stains. For instance, some dark colors may even be able to hide stains from blood, wine, or another colorful liquid. A dark beige is an excellent option that is still neutral and should not conflict with the style of the home. If you are fine with using the carpet as a component in defining a style, you can choose a bold color with confidence.

Low-Pile Carpet

High-pile carpet is comfortable to walk across and even sit down on. But this quality makes it difficult to maintain cleanliness because so much dirt and grime can get stuck on each carpet fiber. Choosing a low-pile carpet will maximize the effectiveness of vacuuming and minimize the impact of staining. If a liquid stained a high-pile carpet, you would have to clean each long fiber until it looked stain-free again. But a low-pile design makes it possible to blot the stain and then treat it to possibly eliminate it altogether.


Another quality that you will want to get for an easy-to-clean carpet is nylon material. While polyester is another common choice, you can expect nylon to provide better durability. This makes it the perfect option for new carpeting inside your home because you can feel confident about its longevity. Also, if you have a family with children and pets, you will feel better knowing that the carpet's excellent durability will prevent it from looking worn down after just a few years of your family living in the home.

Making sure the carpet that you install has all three of these features will provide you with flooring that should be easy to clean from beginning to end.