How To Epoxy Your Garage Floor

27 February 2017
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An epoxy floor in your garage gives it a nice finished look, rather than just a simple concrete floor. Adding epoxy to your floor is fairly simple to do, but it's necessary to follow all of the steps in order to be sure the epoxy adheres properly to your concrete. See below for preparation steps and instructions to apply epoxy to your garage floor.

Here's What You Need:

  • Epoxy floor coating
  • Painter's tape
  • Paintbrushes
  • Rollers
  • Paint tray
  • Pressure washer
  • Concrete cleaner
  • Broom


  1. Start by cleaning up your garage floor. You need everything removed and off of the floor, then use a broom to sweep away dust and other debris. 
  2. When everything is out of the way, use the concrete cleaner to remove stains that may show through the epoxy, or cause the epoxy to not be able to adhere to your floor.
  3. When the stains are removed, use a pressure washer to get the floor really clean. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly, then double check the floor again to be sure it's clean. If your garage floor has any type of surface coating, it will need to be removed before moving on. 
  4. Next, begin taping off any areas where you do not want to get epoxy, such as around the base of your garage walls. 
  5. Once you have the prep work done, you can begin the process of applying the epoxy. For this, you should have a helper, as it is more of a two person job.
  6. Mix the epoxy according to the manufacturer's directions, then begin cutting in the epoxy around the edges of the walls, working in small 3 foot sections. Use the roller to roll the epoxy on. Be sure to apply the epoxy evenly.
  7. Apply the epoxy to the entire floor, don't try to do half and then the other half later, as you may be able to see the line where you stopped after it has dried.
  8. Add the color chips according to the manufacturer's directions. Be sure to spread them out evenly so your floor looks the same all over.
  9. Allow the epoxy to dry thoroughly before driving on the epoxy (again, read the manufacturer's directions for a more exact time), usually about 24 hours is enough dry time.

Adding an epoxy floor will help make your garage feel cleaner, but will also make your garage look much nicer, and will add more value to your home. It's fairly simple to apply the epoxy, just be sure to take your time and do the prep work before applying the epoxy to ensure it adheres properly.

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