Laying Down New Tile? Why Porcelain Is The Way To Go

26 January 2017
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When you're laying down new tile in your house, the first decision you'll need to make involves which type of tile you will use. There are so many different options on the market that it can be quite overwhelming to come to a firm decision concerning which one you will use. However, when it comes to tile, porcelain definitely stands above the pack. Use this information to learn more about why porcelain is the perfect choice when you're putting down tile flooring.

Porcelain Tile Is Very Low Maintenance

The main reason why you should go for porcelain tile is because it is very low maintenance. If you're looking for the kind of tile that's going to keep looking good with minimal care, porcelain is a good option.

Porcelain tile is easy to maintain because it is non-porous. Other materials such as clay can be used to make tile, but clay has a porous surface. What this means is that it's quite easy for stains to start to appear on the tile because spills can sink down into the pores. These types of stains can almost feel like torture to remove and can seriously mar the appearance of your flooring.

That's why porcelain is such a good choice. In addition to being non-porous, porcelain tile is covered with an invisible seal. It gives the tile a beautiful glow that is hard to beat, and because the seal coat is in place, the surface of the tile is made very slick. You'll be able to quickly wipe away any spills that happen to occur.

Porcelain Tile Can Mimic Nearly Any Flooring Material

Another reason why you should use porcelain tile is because it can be made to mimic virtually any kind of flooring material. You get a buffet of styles to choose from, which means that you're sure to find a version that will look amazing in your home.

Whether you want a floor that looks like it's made out of slate, granite, or even wood, porcelain tile fits the bill. You'll have flooring that looks the way you want it to combined with the durability and brilliance of porcelain.

Getting porcelain tile could turn out to be an incredibly wise decision. Don't wait; contact a flooring contractor, such as Gary Baydal Tile Industries Inc, right away so you can discuss all of the great options available to you when you decide that porcelain tile is the right choice for your next floor.